Kelly blends her successful career as a TV News reporter with her passion for travel. When she's not in front of the camera reporting, she works as a travel consultant, planning your perfect trip and advising luxury travel brands on social media marketing and online strategy.

Kelly is a story-teller, with a natural curiosity about the world. She showcases different destinations by sharing the untold stories of people and places around the world. She hopes this visual storybook will help inspire you to piece together your next adventure. 


Kelly's perfect trip combines fast-paced adventure with relaxation. She always leaves room for spontaneity, finding that those unplanned moments are often the most memorable. Kelly enjoys eating and drinking her way through each destination (always ordering the chef’s recommendations). Her goal is to visit every continent in the next five years, but she's eager to get you there first! 

When she's not traveling the world, Kelly calls Chicago home. In her free time she enjoys baking, practicing yoga, and running along the lakefront.